Spawn of TomKat up for sale

July 3, 2006

After baby Brangelina scored over $4 million for her pictures baby TomKat decided to throw her hat into the mix. However results weren’t as favorable.

“A photo shoot of Suri was evidently offered to Wire Image for sale to celeb mags, including People, US Weekly, Star and In Touch Weekly. But the reported near $3 million bid the pics fetched was a slap in the face for mom and pop, and they pulled out.”[COURIER]

The only theory I have behind this $1 million dollar slap in the face is people think Tom Cruise is crazy and that any association with his off spring will make them crazy also. Plus the baby has a tattoo on her forehead advertising Dainetics – that’s just creepy.

TomKat Selling Shiloh

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