Cruise claims beliefs behind no baby pics

July 3, 2006

The insulting $3 million offer for exclusive pictures of baby Suri is not the reason that TomKat will not be releasing them.  The new claim is that his religion frowns on showing off pictures of babies.

It has now been claimed Tom is reluctant to show off Suri because Scientology doctrine teaches followers of the sci-fi cult to avoid taking newborn babies out unless absolutely necessary.

Everyone knows that a picture is where the souls is and if you want to protect your soul you can never show your picture. That is why I refuse to get a driver’s license — that right you lose a piece of you soul every time you get carded in a bar. Wait that could be from the Tequila, but why chance it I saw the should thing in a movie once so I believe it!

I can see the baby and it looked at me!!

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